Interview questions for Senior SAP Hybris Developer

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  1. Could you describe how you implemented BG deployment?
  2. What are the limitations and side effects of BG?
  3. Could you describe what is CI/CD?
  4. How to implement CI/CD process?
  5. Do (did) you have CI/CD on your project?
  6. What is the difference between continuous delivery and continuous deployment?
  7. Could you describe formalized criteria to recognize the maturity of code review? What the difference of code review of middle, senior, and team lead?
  8. What are the main things you are looking on during the code review?
  9. Could you describe API RESTless and RESTfull? What is the difference?
  10. What is the difference between mentoring and knowledge sharing? Could you share your experience?
  11. Could you please tell me what estimation techniques do you know and which one have you ever used?
  12. What will you do if the customer after the demo session says, that your team delivered the wrong functionality? If the customer does this for several weeks in a row.
  13. Let’s imagine that you have to make the integration with an unstable 3rd party service. How will you do it? What methods do you know that can help you to make the integration with it?
  14. How do you set goals for your mentees and track their progress?
  15. What is the difference between mentoring approaches for a junior and middle developer?
  16. Could you, please, compare OCC v1 and v2? Why do you think v2 was introduced?
  17. How do you delegate work to other developers and how do you accept the result?
  18. How can you be sure that everything will be done in the correct way?
  19. What is Solr used for?
  20. What are the benefits of Solr in comparison with relation database?
  21. Which key features of Solr could you name?
  22. Could you please describe the situation, when a teammate doesn’t agree with your point of view?
    What steps were done to resolve the situation?
  23. In your CV mentioned that you implemented Logging using Aspects, please describe problems you faced if any, how did you checked performance impact?
  24. Could you please tell me about WCMS components: advantages/disadvantages, when should be used, pitfalls, what can be improved.
  25. Please describe a standard flow of creating WCMS components.
  26. What benefits Hybris ORM provides to us?
  27. What happens when we add something to items.xml
  28. Who is a senior-level engineer and how his/her workload is changing when playing the Tech Lead role?
  29. Could you please tell me what your actions are when you’re facing with unfamiliar task/hybris area on sprint planning?
  30. In your CV mentioned that you implemented highly-performance CronJob * to do something*. What is the reason to do it?
  31. What is “performance” in general? How it can be measured?
  32. Based on your CV you passed Spring certification. What benefit does IoC bring to the engineer?
  33. Have you heard of any other implementations of IoC, besides Spring?
  34. If you’d have to write your own, what patterns would you use to implement IoC?
  35. Let’s imagine that customer doesn’t want to spend time on the Retrospective. Could you try to describe why do you want to use retro on the project? How it can be useful for the customer?
  36. Imagine a team lead problem. One of your team members is not performing well. It happens systematically, affecting overall team performance. What action would you take?

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